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EDI Addresses

We are now able to receive/send correspondence (RSD's) via the Healthlink EDI service.  We are very happy to use this medium.  If you refer electronically we will respond accordingly, and no hard copy will be sent unless specifically requested by you.

The following are the EDI addresses for our consultants:

akhearta Dr Nezar Amir
Dr Arthur Coverdale
Prof Rob Doughty
Dr Colin Edwards
Dr Ruvin Gabriel
Dr Ivor Gerber
Dr Wil Harrison
Dr David Heaven
Assoc Prof Malcolm Legget
Dr Boris Lowe
Prof Peter Ruygrok
Assoc Prof Jonathan Skinner
Assoc Prof Warren Smith
Dr Fiona Stewart
Prof Ralph Stewart
Dr Tim Sutton
Dr Cara Wasywich
Dr Jithendra Somaratne
Dr Andrew Martin
Dr Jamie Voss
Dr Jen-li Looi
Dr Tom Pasley
Dr Anthony Kueh

akheartb Dr Ted Clarke
akheartc Ultravision Cardiac Imaging
akheartd Dr Chris Ellis
akhearte Dr Jim Stewart
akheartf CT Angiography Limited
akheartk Dr Tom Gentles
Dr Ross Nicholson
mercyang Prof J Ormiston

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