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2011 GP Symposium

The Auckland Heart Group Symposium was held on Saturday 6th August at the Waipuna Conference Centre. The talks are available below for your convenience. Please direct any queries to: Joanne, Ph: 09 623 4731.

The 2011 symposium has been endorsed by the RNZCGPs and approved for up to 4.15 hours CME for GPEP2 and MOPS purposes.


AHG thanks the following sponsors for their support of the 2011 symposium:






1 The preoperative patient - How to manage Aspirin, Warfarin and Clopidogrel? Fiona-StewartDr Fiona Stewart
2 Difficult Hypertension Colin-Edwards Dr Colin Edwards  
3 Ardian sympathetic renal nerve ablation John-Ormiston1 Dr John Ormiston
4 CT Calcium Scoring and CVS risk assessment Chris-Ellis Dr Chris Ellis
5 Can GP's and patients do more in the management of Chronic AF? Cara-Wasywich Dr Cara Wasywich
6 Heart Murmurs in infants and children - when to refer? Tom-Gentles1 Dr Tom Gentles


7 Management of Chest Pain Niels-Van-Pelt Dr Niels Van Pelt Ruvin-Gabriel1 Dr Ruvin Gabriel
8 "Sights and Sounds" - cases of murmurs and echo findings Arthur-Coverdale Dr Arthur Coverdale Ivor-Gerber1 Dr Ivor Gerber
9 Management of Aortic Stenosis Malcolm-Legget1 Dr Malcom Legget
10 Syncope - sorting out the wheat from the chaff David-Heaven Dr David Heaven
11 Why do we need a pacemaker, Doctor? Warren-Smith Dr Warren Smith
12 Athletes, exercise and the heart Rob-Doughty Dr Rob Doughty
13 Atrial Fibrillation update  Ralph-Stewart Dr Ralph Stewart
14 Atrial fibrillation - Left atrial appendage occlusion  Jim-Stewart1 Dr Jim Stewart

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