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2013 GP Symposium Talks

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Workshop 1 Primary prevention Nezar-Amir1 Chris Ellis s Drs Nezar Amir and Chris Ellis
Workshop 2 ECG interpretation Wil Harrison small David Heaven s Drs Wil Harrison and David Heaven
Workshop 3 High blood pressure / renal denervation John Ormiston s Jim Stewart s Drs John Ormiston and Jim Stewart
1 Brian has a murmur  Tom Gentles sDr Tom Gentles
2 Brian the athlete Rob-Doughty1 Dr Rob Doughty
3 Brian begins life at 40 Ruvin Gabriel s Niels Van Pelt small Drs Ruvin Gabriel and Niels van Pelt
4 Brian develops difficult to control blood pressure Fiona Stewart-small Dr Fiona Stewart
5 Brian reaches midlife and develops chest pain Colin Edwards s Dr  Colin Edwards
6 Brian has an MI and requires intervention Ivor Gerber s Dr Ivor Gerber
7 Brian becomes depressed liz painter - small Liz Painter
8 Secondary prevention Tim Sutton s Dr Tim Sutton
9 Brian has his second MI in his late 60's
Atrial fibrillation: rate-v-rhythm control

Warren smith small Dr Warren Smith
10 Atrial fibrillation: anticoagulation Ralph-Stewart1 Dr Ralph Stewart
11 Brian is in heart failure  Cara-Wasywich1 Dr Cara Wasywich
12 Advanced care planning for Brian Dr Barry Snow

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