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2014 GP Symposium Talks

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Workshop 1
Workshop 2
David Heaven s Nezar-Amir1 Drs David Heaven and Nezar Amir
Warren smith small Ivor Gerber s Drs Warren Smith and Ivor Gerber
Workshop 3 Risk factor reduction
Risk factor reduction
Ruvin Gabriel s Niels Van Pelt small Drs Ruvin Gabriel and Niels van Pelt
Workshop 4 Hypertension Colin Edwards s Jim Stewart s Drs Colin Edwards and Jim Stewart
1 Palpitations in kids and adolescents Dr Ross Nicholson
2 Neurocardiogenic Syncope Warren smith small Dr Warren Smith
3 The female athlete Malcolm Legget sDr Malcolm Leggett
4 The heartache of Eating Disorders
(download flow diagram & references only)
Drs Jenny Hosking and Kerry Clancey
5 Pregnancy and Heart Disease Fiona Stewart-small Dr Fiona Stewart
6 Women's Heart Health Rob-Doughty1 Dr Rob Doughty
7 Chest pain in women - typical & atypical Cara-Wasywich1 Dr Cara Wasywich
8 Anticoagulants Dr Laura Young
9 Arrhythmias and Palpitations
Arrhythmias in ECGs
David Heaven s Dr David Heaven
10 Calcium Score tests Chris Ellis s Dr Chris Ellis
11 Lipids and Statins  Ivor Gerber s Dr Ivor Gerber
12 Frailty Assessment - its impact on surgical outcomes Ralph-Stewart1 Dr Ralph Stewart

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