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2015 GP Symposium

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Workshop 1 Paediatric cardiology jon skinner s Tom Gentles s Ross-Nicholson1
Assoc Prof Jon Skinner & Drs Tom Gentles & Ross Nicholson
Workshop 2 ECG interpretation
nezar s david heaven s
Dr Nezar Amir & Dr David Heaven
Workshop 3 Murmurs will harrison s Arthur-Coverdale1
Dr Will Harrison & Dr Arthur Coverdale
Workshop 4 Hypertension Colin Edwards s Ted-Clarke1
Dr Colin Edwards & Dr Ted Clarke

1 The patient with Shortness of Breath Colin Edwards s
Dr Colin Edwards
2 Risk factor assessment Chris Ellis s
Dr Chris Ellis
3 Lipid management: Benefits and side effects niels pelt 2
Dr Niels van Pelt
4 High fat, low carb and Paleo: Implications for dietary guidelines Prof Cliona Ni Mhurchu
5 A/F: When to refer, what tests, what meds Warren smith small 
Assoc Prof Warren Smith
6 Rate control vs. rhythm control David Heaven s
Dr David Heaven
7 New oral anti-coagulants (NOACs) Fiona Stewart-small
Dr Fiona Stewart
8 FAQs on arrhythmias David Heaven s Warren smith small
Dr David Heaven & Assoc Prof Warren Smith
9 Heart Failure: The GP's role, diagnosis and referral Cara-Wasywich1 
Dr Cara Wasywich
10 Assessment of Ejection Systolic Murmurs boris lowe s 
Dr Boris Lowe
11 Case presentations in Heart Failure  Ivor Gerber s
Dr Ivor Gerber
12 The role of cardiac nurses in the community Andy McLachlan
13 Common cardiovascular drug side effects: Strategies for monitoring and management Ruvin Gabriel s
Dr Ruvin Gabriel

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