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Psychological counselling is an opportunity for you to learn about, and deal with your heart condition and to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Lucy Barnes - Health Psychologist


BA,MSc (hons), PGDipHlthPsych

Lucy Barnes, is an experienced Health Psychologist and has 14 years of experience working in the health field including Cardiology at Auckland City Hospital. Lucy provides confidential counselling and therapy and can assist with:
Lucy Barnes 2-381-72-800
  • Learning to manage- heart fears, stress, anxiety, sleep problems, fatigue, depression
  • Learning psychological techniques to help with chronic chest pain, angina, palpitations, high blood pressure, dealing with medical procedures
  • Planning for a healthy lifestyle change - diet and exercise maintenance, relationships, sexual activity
  • Other non-heart related psychological problems.

Lucy works at Auckland Psychology, 17 St Stephens Ave, Parnell, Auckland

Psychological Counselling

Seeing a Psychologist can help with understanding and relieving the stresses of having a heart condition but also help with making a positive lifestyle change.

Living with a heart condition can sometimes be worrying and distressing.

Everyone’s experience is a very personal one, and we all cope in different ways. However, sometimes individuals can feel overwhelmed and can benefit from professional help to cope and develop strategies to deal with these stresses.

Psychologists are trained on how people behave, think and feel and how this interacts with their body's functioning.

To make an appointment you may contact Lucy directly on 027 318 6960 or email at lc_barnes@outlook.com


Further information can be found at www.aucklandpsychology.co.nz

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