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Post-Visit Information

Before leaving the MercyAscot Hospital

You should have someone at home with you on the day of discharge. You are welcome to stay in Mercy Hospital overnight. You should not drive for 24 hours following an angiogram, and for 48 hours following an uncomplicated angioplasty.

Continue with current medication unless otherwise instructed by your General Practitioner. Arrange a follow-up appointment with your Cardiologist and General Practitioner or other Specialist as necessary. Ensure you drink plenty of water after the procedure.

At home

Occasionally there may be a bruise at the puncture site. A small hard lump (similar to the size of a pea) may be felt under the skin. This can remain there for up to several weeks or may become permanent scar tissue. There is nothing to be concerned about. If the lump increases in size or proportion and becomes more painful, seek medical help. Sometimes bruise-like discolouration under the skin can spread down your leg or up to your abdomen. This does not matter providing your groin is not becoming more painful and providing there is no increase in groin lump size. A cold compress on the area helps ease the tenderness. If you shower on the evening after the procedure, stand with your back to the (tepid) water.

For the next two days

  • Do not lift anything heavier than 10 kg (25 lbs).
  • Do not participate in strenuous exercise such as golf, aerobics or football.
  • Do not sit in a hot bath or spa.
  • Do not cross your legs when sitting.
  • You may commence walking as long as the incision site is not sore. Leave the incision site in your groin undisturbed.
  • You may resume work the following day, depending on how you are feeling and your type of work.
  • Heavy manual work may require a longer break.

Long-term management

You will discuss this with your Cardiologist, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse and General Practitioner. It is important to reduce coronary risk factors and reduce the chance of cardiac and vascular disease. To maintain a healthy lifestyle: stop smoking, eat a low fat 'Mediterranean' diet, maintain a healthy weight and enjoy regular exercise.


If bleeding from the puncture site in the groin (or other artery) occurs, lie down, apply firm pressure and have someone immediately ring 111 for an ambulance.

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