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Melissa - Sonographer Team Leader

Melissa Melissa works for the Auckland Heart Group, holding echocardiography clinics at the Mercy Hospital premises.

Melissa has been involved in cardiac technology since 1989, working first at Green Lane Hospital, then at Mercy Hospital. Melissa has specialised in echocardiography since 1992.

Her qualifications include:
  • 1998 BSc (physiology)
  • 1991 Associate of the Society of Cardiopulmonary Technicians (Highest Marks)
  • 1991 NZCS (Certificate in Science - human physiology)
  • 1993 Post Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Measurement Technology
  • 1999 Advanced Cardiac Ultrasound Techniques (QUT)
  • 2003 Post Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Ultrasound (distinction)

Melissa's clinics at our Mercy Hospital site include stress echoes, adult and paediatric echoes, ECG's and collection of national research data.

Melissa has two boys and one girl and the family are horse riding and snow skiing enthusiasts.

Oksana - Sonographer - Ormiston Hospital

sandra nurse

Oksana works part time for the Auckland Heart Group, holding echocardiography clinics at the Ormiston Hospital premises on Thursdays.

Oksana has been involved in cardiac technology since 2009, working at Middlemore Hospital.

Her qualifications include:
  • 2013 – Qualified Cardiac Sonographer, Middlemore hospital, Auckland
  • 2009 - Bachelor of Applied Science. Universal College of Learning, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • 2004 - MD. Thesis: “FITC-sinistrin, FITC-mannitol and FITC-PEG for the measurement of glomerular filtration rate in the animal“, Medical Research Center, Mannheim State hospital of the University of Heidelberg, Germany.
  • 2001 - Certificate of Medical Ultrasound, Institute of Therapy of Siberian department of the Russian Academy of Medical Research, Novosibirsk, Russia.
  • 2000 - Physician Diploma, Medical school, Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Outside of work she enjoys New Zealand's outdoors including travelling, swimming and playing volleyball

Georgina - Sonographer

Georgina has worked part time for Ultravision, the Auckland Heart Group's associate company specialising in cardiac ultrasound, since June 2007. She has extensive experience as a cardiac sonographer performing and reporting echocardiography studies in both adults and children. Her qualifications and training as a cardiac technologist also included pacemaker implantation, follow up assessment of pacemakers, complex lung function testing, tilt table and treadmill testing.

Georgina completed her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in 2004 and also has a Diploma of Christian Studies, which she completed in 1996. Georgina and family now live on the North Shore and her echocardiography clinics are held on the North Shore . She currently works part time (to allow her to spend more time with her young daughter) at North Shore Hospital, and previously had worked at Middlemore Hospital for over five years.

Gina- Sonographer


Jennifer - Sonographer


Leighton - Sonographer


Craig - Cardiac Technician  


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